home Select twogreencats.org for your green statistics, green data analysis, global warming, and green expert witness consulting requirements. Headquartered in Southern California, twogreencats.org is a division of twobluecats.com, which has clients spanning the globe, including California, New York, and Brussels.

How did two blue cats become green? By being ecologically enlightened!

And to what do our colors allude? Seafoam green, water; forest green, land.

What will twogreencats.org do to satisfy your requirements?
      analyze data
      perform statistics
      provide global warming statistical analysis
      demonstate EPA compliance
      measure gasoline pump accuracy
      predict petroleum consumption and costs

Our specialties encompass regression analysis, surveys, sampling, and expert witness statistical services. We use SAS, SPSS, NCSS, and other statistical software. Whether you are a government, corporation, organization, or a community, twogreencats.org can expertly satisfy your green statistics needs.

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